Monday, Feb. 21, wasn’t the best of days. Presidents’ Day closes down banks and sources of useful information like schools and post offices. I always seem to want to know something when there is no one around to answer my questions.

  Feb. 21 was also the day that Kenny’s computer died. Kaput, over and out – a great rectangular eye darkened, closed for ever. Well, maybe. The doctor will be here Tuesday to see if it needs a shot, a pill or a good swift kick.

We hooked Kenny up to the studios PC and that to a very large screen. “The better to see you with my dear.”

  Well anyway, nothing worked and the best thing to do when nothing works is to take a nap – which he did.

  Actually, I blame everything on Thursday and all the sleet and ice. I stayed home – also good for napping.

I’m waiting on my little yellow crocus to pop up. They are tiny and always the first sign of spring around our house. They should pop up at any time unless the hole that some animal dug right about where they grow has made them changed their minds. I know that animal. She lives with me.

  Not only did she dig that hole, she and the black cat, Diane, joined forces a week or so ago and  started digging in the same hole. I think Caddee was after something and Diane? Who knows? After a few dirt clods in her face she scampered off.

  I hear that bad weather is coming again. Happy napping.