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A wanted fugitive has been taken into custody after a four-day manhunt and a fight that sent one Vernon County deputy to the hospital.

According to Vernon County Sheriff’s office officials, deputies pursued a vehicle Tuesday afternoon that ended with the vehicle crashing in a ditch on 2350 Rd. in rural Vernon County. The driver fled on foot and resulted in multiple units being called out to assist. The search was called off later in the day due to other calls for service in the county.

The Sheriff’s office then sent out an alert through their Text Notification System asking people to contact the Sheriff’s office if they saw anyone in that area hitchhiking or walking down the road. Vernon County Sheriff Jason Mosher said his office began receiving notifications the next morning and throughout the day and following days of people seeing the suspect.

“We would send out deputies, but each time the suspect would run into nearby woods and we would lose him.” The Sheriff said their K-9 was able to track the suspect on one occasion but lost the scent when they ran into a stream.

The suspect has been identified as Doyle B Dunn, 29, a parole absconder from El Dorado Springs. Sheriff Mosher said they started tracking the area Dunn was at on a map by the locations of citizens calling in and started placing plain clothes deputies in the area waiting for him to be spotted again.

“The deputy that captured Dunn just happened to be the same one that started the pursuit Tuesday,” said Mosher. The Sheriff said Dunn asked the deputy for a ride, but when the deputy told him he was a deputy and that he (Dunn) was under arrest, Dunn began to fight the deputy. The Sheriff said a citizen called in and told dispatch that a deputy was in a fight so additional units could respond and assist. The deputy was sent to the emergency room for injuries to his face and was cleared a few hours later.

“He received injuries to his face and left eye but is expected to completely recover.”

The Sheriff said it was ironic that Dunn was attempting to make his way back to Cedar County and was arrested just 12 feet from the Cedar County line. Mosher said, “He almost made it, but thanks to all the citizens that helped us and the deputy, he was just a little short.”

Dunn is being held in the Vernon County Jail with no bond.

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