The El Dorado Springs R-II Board met Thursday, May 14, in the High School gym for social distancing with all members present: Chad Whitesell, Benny Brower, Mark Burley, Terry Shepard, Josh Floyd, Nathan Murry and Darrell Eason – presiding. Incoming Superintendent Heath Oates attended the session as he had in past months to familiarize himself with the issues, the board and the staff.

The board approved the consent agenda which included bills of $160,608.35.

The board approved moving Professional Development Committee funds to Transportation if needed. Supt. Mark Koca told the Sun that the state had approved that possible transfer because there may be some excess funds in that area because Covid 19 changed the school year so much.

The board received three bids on its sewer project and accepted the low bid from Adex for $52,026. Supt. Koca said the new sewer line will be designed to stop flooding in the VoAg building when there is a big rain. He said the Ag Building has flooded six times this year and “that is nasty.”

The sewer project will also serve the Tech Building, the bus barn and the football field. He said that when new bathrooms are constructed at the football field, they will be connected to the new sewer line.

Supt. Koca gave an overview of the FY 20 budget figures and FY 21 preliminary figures. He talked about the CARES Act $484,000 the school is going to receive. He said it has to be spent on Covid 19 related expenses. He said the school can reimburse itself for expenses it has incurred since March 13.

He also reported on upcoming events and said plans are questionable on details depending on what the virus does.

Assistant Superintendent Dr. Theresa Christian gave an update on school closure. She said Week 1 of the closure they served 260 students meals.

“On Thursday, May 7, we had 600 students signed up for meals and served 480. The number of students receiving meals had risen each week. Our teachers, paras, administration team and community volunteers have helped pack, deliver and handout meals. We will deliver meals for the last time on Thursday, May 21..”

She said teachers continue to send instructional packets or assignments through Parent Square (K-2), Google Classroom (3-12) and mailing packets home. Supt. Koca said the postage bill is $7,000 which will be reimbursed from CARES Act money.

Dr. Christian said the English Language Arts Curriculum Audit will still happen this summer on June 9 and 10.

In closed session, the board approved the hiring of Todd Mowery to teach history and Jason Bryant for the behavior classroom.

The board approved the extra duty and coaching assignments.

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