After reading many pro and con comments regarding the proposed hospital tax increase, I feel like making a personal statement. First let me say that while my wife and I reside in Barton County we do pay some property tax in Cedar County.

There are only so many medical training programs (nursing, lab, x-ray, physical therapy, etc.) in this country providing skilled caregivers for all hospitals which means our staff are as well trained as those in larger hospitals. The staff at CCMH are here because they choose to live and work here.

Having said that I can’t tell you how many times in almost 20 years of practice here that I have stood by patients, visiting prior to discharge, and heard the unsolicited comment that they had been a patient in other hospitals before but felt they got better care here. I often pondered the reason for those comments and have concluded it is the caring staff.

I feel that CCMH is a great asset to the whole area, not just El Dorado Springs.


Doug Rice, CRNA (retired)


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