2021 Chamber of Commerce

Christmas Parade line-up

Conservation Dept. – EDS Police Dept – Lead, EDS Fire Truck #1, G3 Miss Merry Christmas Candidates (6 vehicles), EDS Fire Truck #2 (with Santa Claus!), Olympia Volunteer Fire Department (3 Trucks), State Representative Jim Kalberloh – Ranger Truck.

W. Hickory at Main – VFW Color Guard – Stand for symbol of America, liberty, and freedom, Dog Nation – walking dogs, Osceola Marching Band, Rising Sun Taekwondo – walking, Keith Family, Hicklin Creek Labradors – UTV w/Labrador.

Library Parking Lot – Skate Town – Larry & Belinda Turner, State Farm Insurance – Toshua McCormick, CVBT/Eagle Dispatch.

Lion’s Club Park – Lonnie Van – 1929 Model A Rumble Seat, Route 54 Cruisers, Don Boultinghouse – 1952 Chevy Pickup, Johnny Maslen – 1964 Chevy Impala.

East Poplar – Christian Motorcycle Association.

West Poplar – Lakeland School Band.

South side, W. Fields – Dawson & Dawson Law Firm.

South side, E. Fields – El Dorado Christian School, Woods Supermarket, Lions Club – Parade Traffic Control – Parade Entry.

North side, E. Fields – El Dorado Springs FFA, El Dorado Springs R-2 Marching Bulldog Band.

South side W. Fields, Main-Jackson – Cedar County Memorial Hospital, Abou Ben Adhem Shriners – Springfield, TOPS – Jean Lovewell, Fugate Motors – Toys For Tots.

North side W. Fields, Main-Jackson – El Dorado Cycle & Outdoor Equipment, Church of the Nazarene

Late Entries should register with a chamber representative and will line up on Fields Blvd, west of Jackson St.

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