We learned Monday that Jana Witt has submitted her resignation as CEO of Cedar County Memorial Hospital. Kimball received a press release which may give you more details.

• Kimball realized that while I was in the hospital, the Sun newspaper seems to have fallen off the distribution list of the Missouri Department of Conservation. Kimball called the MDC Friday and gave someone a list of the reports we are missing. I called today and basically did a restart telling a nice lady named Stacy what information we need. She will try to get it for me by press time. If that is not possible, we’ll try again next week.  That all used to come to us automatically. Don’t know what happened. Except that our friend, Jim Low, retired as head of the MDC news service. Joe Jerek took over the position and he was out of the office Monday. The lady they forwarded me to was not in. I had a pleasant conversation with Stacy who was going to try to fill my want list, if not for this week, then for next week.

– Kimball and I both have the croup, terrible cough and nasal drip, but no fever. I almost didn’t feel well enough to go to rehab, but felt better after Kimball had her lunch of fresh blueberry pie, then helped me get dressed. I was a little late but did all my weight exercises AND made two round trips down that long hall. I like the way fellow rehab victim, Gary Collins (Not the Bud Boss guy) counts. He consider getting down that long hall to rehab half a lap and leaving the other half.

-Kimball drops me off at rehab and I catch the taxi back to the office. I asked driver if the photo on her dash was of her son. Her boyfriend got a laugh out of that. She didn’t. Even starting to get acquainted with her freshman daughter,  Cass, who doesn’t like being a freshman.  ̇Her mom and I told her to enjoy it.

-Before I left rehab, I asked the two ladies who run it on Monday, Brooke and Anita, if they had any stories on themselves for the Rock Wall. All I got was “no comment.” I think Julianne is there on Fridays. Brooke is there Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

The reason I have to do laps in the hall is because I’m not good on the treadmill or the exercise bike. There’s one lady who said she used to be a runner who can actually run on the treadmill. As far as I know, I’m the only one Brooke has doing laps in the hall. I told her Monday, she was a slave driver. She said she has been called  worse.

On the wall by a device I call a coffee grinder, they have cautionary signs about older adult abuse. Must apply to somebody else. Doesn’t slow those girls down one bit. KL