For those of us who live in rural Cedar County and depend upon the Caplinger Mills Voluntary Fire Department for our fire protection tax rolls so they will have a reliable source of income to provide the equipment and radios they so badly need to properly do the work and for the safety of each of the members.

These people are our friend and neighbors who give their time and experience to roll those trucks night or day to protect us sand our property when fire threatens in any way and they deserve our support in every manner we can.

If we should lose this fire department I don’t know if any insurance company would provide fire insurance for our homes and I for one do not wish to take the chance of losing something this important to my wife and myself. I do not think these people should depend on Chili Suppers to raise operating funds to protect my property. That should be my responsibility, to provide funds to this very necessary part of my life. I for one think this should have been done long ago.

Please give this Ballot Measure a long hard look and show these dedicated people that our heart and money is there to give them the material which they need to protect us and our property from a devastating fire.

Bug Olinger

El Dorado Springs