As residents of Cedar County and employees of Cedar County Memorial Hospital, the June 2 vote to increase the hospital’s tax levy concerns us. The vote has the power to affect both our livelihood, the safety of the patients we serve and the economy of Cedar County.

This is not meant to be a “scare tactic” as some have described. Rather, it is meant to bring forth the reality that while the hospital may not be in immediate jeopardy of closure, modern medicine and government regulations are ever changing.

Sadly, insurance agencies rule modern day medicine. For the survival of rural hospitals like ours, we must be willing to adapt. If this means increasing a tax levy that was established nearly 60 years ago to a rate that is comparable to other Critical Access Hospitals across the state, we are all willing.

As employees of Cedar County Memorial Hospital, we regularly take advantage of the services that the hospital, clinic and health department offer. We have personally used the Emergency Room at the hospital for ourselves and our family members. For some of us, this has not only been convenient, but has been potentially lifesaving. We have been appreciative of the familiar care at the Health Department for our children’s vaccinations and for the use of services such as the WICC program for ourselves and family members. Daily we see people benefit from the Swingbed program offered at the hospital. We also hear people describe their improved quality of life as a result of the Senior Life Solutions program.

As healthcare professionals, healing is something we are passionate about. We are blessed with the opportunity to experience this each day thanks to Cedar County Memorial Hospital. We wholeheartedly trust the healthcare professionals that this hospital possesses with our lives and the lives of our loved ones. We have seen firsthand that rapid response and intervention can mean life or death for patients in some critical circumstances. Some medical emergencies just cannot wait.

Registered Cedar County voters, we ask that you join us in showing our support for Cedar County Memorial Hospital at the polls on June 2 by voting YES on the proposed tax levy. If you are not a registered Cedar County voter, we ask that you show your support by taking advantage of the many services offered by Cedar County Memorial Hospital and the Health Department. We are always here for you and would love the opportunity to care for you and your loved ones!

Chris Roe, RN

Crystal Holder, RN

Melisa Stephens, CAN

Jordan Dozler, Lab Tech, CAN

Cedar County Memorial Hospital, 1401 S. Park El Dorado Springs, MO  64744

(417) 876-2511