Coronavirus cases hit 870,468 and deaths 50,031 as of April 24, 2020. Dealing with it has caused social, emotional, physical and economic chaos. This unprecedented menace may have further implications. Health officials warn of a second wave. Have other counties taken advantage of our situation?

President Trump is trying to keep us safe despite criticism. He had built the greatest economy of the world, but had to shut it down. Other countries try to take advantage of a weakened America. Iran fired a military satellite and is menacing our ships at sea. China allegedly released the virus by accident. But then they possibly allowed infected people to spread to all corners of the world. Missouri’s swing China for their irresponsible behavior.

President Trump made sure governors got medical supplies. He had some companies retool to make the goods. He stopped travel to China. No action of his is without criticism. Joe Scarborough said, “You’ve got a president who has killed 50,000 people.” President Trump is not perfect. He has made mistakes, but he has used good judgment most of the time.

If you need peace, go to God. Pastor of the Church of the Nazarene, Bill Whestone puts his sermons on Facebook. His number is 417/876-4974.

Carolyn West,

El Dorado Springs