In regard to Mr. Oren Harris’s letter of May 28, 2016, in the Sun Newspaper and June 1, 2016 in the Republican, his first paragraph says it’s all in the facts of our issue on the influx of Mennonite persons and the chicken business coming into our county. I believe Mr. Harris has a very vivid imagination. We have had people of that faith in our county for many years but the chicken barns are a totally different issue.

Make no mistakes this is a well organized and well funded business and we are just seeing the first influx of this into our county, that is the reason for the ordinance. Now Mr. Harris makes himself out as an authority not only on the Mennonite religion but on the chicken business of which I believe he is totally ignorant. He states that this is a Free Range operation and completely organic and I do not believe he is aware of either one. I have observed a number of the barns and have yet to see a free range operation in any of them.

Now Mr. Harris tell us where MoArk is located where we can observe for ourselves these gigantic 10 foot wide and 1/4 mile long double decker barns you refer to. We have some larger operations up in the state of Iowa and they are well regulated and produce some 98 percent of the eggs that the American public consumes day by day.

As for the Mennonite people they are like any other group of persons, you will find good, bad and indifferent in their midst. Some persons like to downgrade the Catholic Church because of some of the priest’s abuse of young boys, but that is not the fault of the Church itself but rather the sin of the men involved. All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.

I wish to commend the Cedar County Commission for the work they have done for the good and welfare of our county for we must all protect the water, soil and air that make this part of our country what it is. Do not allow something of this nature to pollute our free flowing water.

No doubt there is some income from our long time residents, but very little will come from the chicken operation as the funding is from out of our county.

Another thing Mr. Harris, as for our radicalized Muslims they are already here, thanks to our President Barack Obama and his open border policies, and more are on the way.

Bud Olinger

El Dorado Springs

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