Why do so many people hate President Trump? Nor do they give him any credit for accomplishments, some very extraordinary. In his book, “Blitz, David Horowitz (page 162) says, “We play by the rules and pay our taxes while the politicians laugh behind our backs and treat us like fools.” Enter Donald Trump. He was elected because he was not a politician. He promised to “drain the swamps,” build the wall and make America great again. And he actually attempted to keep his promises. That’s why official Washington hates and seeks to destroy him.
As Trump (page 162) Senior Policy Advisor Stephen Miller observed in his interview for Breithart News Sunday, the political power structure declared war on Trump “because this president dared to disrupt two-party betrayal of the American people over many decades; betrayal on trade, betrayal on China, betrayal on foreign policy; betrayal on our southern border, betrayal on our economy, decade after decade, year after year, administration after administration. This president dared to stand up to defy that betrayal…to end that betrayal. But the people who profited like parasites off that betrayal are the ones trying to prevent him from executing the agenda that the American people installed him to execute.”
Yet, the president’s accomplishments are many. The Faith and Freedom Coalition talks about some of them: Banning travel from China, then from Europe, and moving swiftly on hospital capacity, ventilators and testing-we flattened the curve and saved hundreds of thousands of lives when COVID-19 swept the globe; cutting taxes; regulations; making better trade deals; pushing unemployment down to 3.5 percent, including the lowest unemployment figures in history for African Americans, Hispanics and women; making US the leading energy producer on earth; defending unborn life; standing with the state of Israel and in just the last few days, brokering a peace treaty between Israel and UAE.
So, let’s reelect the man who is fighting for our safety, prosperity and health. He has outsmarted those parasites that have been betraying us all these years, but he needs us to help him.
Carolyn West
El Dorado Springs

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