Taberville Report

by Linda McCallister

Dains Fish Farm

I don’t have a ton of news. From what I’ve heard, the river is dropping a little and fishing seems to be dropping off a little, too.

While it was up, rod and reel fishing was great. You could use anything – night crawlers, perch, carp, anything. You could catch them down here at the bridge and on Clear Creek. I didn’t hear of anything really huge. I didn’t hear of people having to release anything in the slot limit either.

I really haven’t heard of anybody fishing yesterday or today much. I thnk it is because the river is dropping a little. Friday fishing was slow. It dropped about a half inch. I heard that fishing was already beginning to drop off a little.

I just know that the old timers who live around here think that when the river is rising, fishing is good and when it starts to drop, the fish shut off. It seems like this time, that’s kinda the way it’s played out.

We did have some people jug fishing. They caught several blue cats, but not any of any size.

ElDo Report

Ruth Foreman

R&R Sporting & Tackle

They are catching catfish in the river on rod and reel and lines on worms and shad.

I haven’t heard anything from Caplinger.

Lake Stockton Report

By Harry Lefferts

Stockton State Park Marina

Fishing is fair. It’s slowing down a little bit.

Bass and walleye have been real good. They’ve been more down in the flats and back in the brush. The bass have been about 10 or 12 feet.

They have caught some walleye and cats are starting to bite.

The crappie are pretty scattered. I’m not sure they ever spawned in this part of the lake.

Caplinger Mills Report

by JoBeth Harrellson

Caplinger Wood Campground and Riverside Bait and Canoe

Fishing is pretty good. The water is coming up so there are some catfish biting. They are catching a few crappie.  Earlier during the week, they were good.

My son caught a pretty nice walleye during the weekend.

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