The Department of Natural Resources continues to reach new milestones in its goal of expanding access to electric vehicle charging stations in the Show-Me State.

Within Missouri’s share of the Volkswagen Trust Fund, about $6 million was made available for EV charging infrastructure installations. One of the first steps was to identify areas of the state that would need charging infrastructure. In consultation with stakeholders and electric utilities, the department set a goal of installing 22 charging locations as a part of a minimum practical network of EV charging infrastructure. Eleven EV charging station installations have been completed since July 2021 and are online, one is nearly complete and contracts have been awarded for 10 others.

In a related effort, the department has begun a pilot program to install EV charging stations at state parks and state office buildings throughout Missouri. The first installations are proposed to be located at Montauk State Park in Dent County, Roaring River State Park in Barry County and the Lewis and Clark State Office Building in Jefferson City. The initial projects will include a mix of mid-high power AC Level 2 chargers and fast DC Level 3 chargers.

The department’s EV charger initiatives are adding to the nearly 1,000 public charging stations already available in Missouri. For more information about efforts to expand EV charging infrastructure or the Volkswagen Trust Fund, visit the department’s website at