Met with Leah Morton, County Assessor

Requests to process court order #28972-28982 to add-on the assessed valuation of newly purchased personal property.

Motion by Anderson to appoint Harold Fugate to the Cedar County Hospital Board to fill the vacancy left by Judy Renn upon her passing, second by Boultinghouse.  Anderson – Yes; Boultinghouse – Yes; Thornton – Yes

Met with Sheriff McCrary

Inmate Housing: Cedar –10; Dade – 6; Barton – 2; Bates – 1

Reported that the Sheriff’s Association had a discussion about the insurance mandating body cams and there are several companies trending in this fashion.  It still is not state law that body cams be utilized, 30% of our deputies are using them.

Resident stopped by to report concerns about CR1201 and CR1125 recent maintenance needs to be redone, CR1201 being the worst of the two.

Met with DJ Ford, Road and Bridge Supervisor

Received reports of THANK YOU from

Maintenance was done to correct the erosion on CR300, repaired CR850, placed rock at CR1200, and also at CR1525.  The Commission requested the new grader operator clean up the approaches on the entrance and exits of the roads he’s working on.  DJ requests consideration for a batwing mower in 2024.  If the weather is this dry next year the crew will be able to do more trimming when they can’t grade roads.

Marvin Manring, Cedar County Hospital Board stopped in to visit with the commission.

Thornton points out his concerns about the reopening of the Stockton branch of the Cedar County Hospital Board.  Manring states that supplies were provided for family care, not for emergency care from the beginning, this was a “soft opening”.  Gilpin had expected it to be full emergency services from the beginning.  Manring has dealt with a hospital that has been reducing the number of services and they are now adding back some of those services. So there are costs involved to re-establish them. Manring reminds the Commission that they went through a vetting process with a 10-member approval board during the hiring process.  Manring addresses his concerns with the Commission minutes from the statements of concerns from concerned citizens of Cedar County.  Manring presented a timeline of events for the Stockton Clinic startup.  Gilpin rearranged the medical supply closets making it difficult for the nursing staff to locate supplies.  Thornton is concerned that the current administration is heading down a path to sell out.  Manring says there has been a solid plan from the beginning under Nichol’s administration, selling out is not in the plans.  Gilpin received pay through the Friday she was scheduled to leave on so while she turned in her keys early, she was paid through the time she was scheduled to be. Boultinghouse wants to address the situation with the doctors changing.  Manring won’t discuss personnel other than to say that there are some difficult situations ahead of them.  Thornton is concerned about Nichols being involved with the Rural Hospital Group since the early 2000’s. Manring says the board is all about Cedar County first and will keep striving for that. Manring points out that a return-on-investment analysis is made on each thing that they do. The hospital has no debt, there are investments in place, but there are outdated items that are being replaced, there is approximately 40% of the building that can’t be billed for that does not currently make any money for the hospital.  Bringing services back is what helps.  The board has been having concerns about industry standards vs the needs of the community.  Certain aspects of getting services in place takes a lot of time.  What is the end game: to serve the community of Cedar County. Manring has an entire file on fires that Nichols is putting out every day.  Thornton points out a few of have been started by him.  Manring says none of these names who visited the County Commission on 8/7/23 have been present at board meetings that he is aware of.  The goal of reopening the clinic in Stockton has been a long-time goal for some of the board, and it’s still a good plan that they will continue to improve on.

Met with Sheriff McCrary

Began review of the 2023 City Police Contract in preparation for the upcoming meeting with the City of Stockton on 9/11/2023 at the Stockton Community Building.  McCrary reports that it requires 4.2 deputies to cover a 24 hr a day/7 day per week service and that is without accounting for vacation.  The City of Stockton has done away with their Municipal Court so some of the contracts will need to be changed as it effects how the Sheriff’s Office tickets.

Resident stopped in to request temporary speed limit signs on CR1200, CR1801, CR1300, CR1775 while construction is occurring on the M highway bridge. The Commission agreed to this.  Four – 35 mph signs will be ordered for temporary speed limiting.

Rusty Norval stopped in to report approval from MODOT for the Jerico repeater, and Raymond Heryford is considering approval at his property if the Motorola survey indicates it’s a prime location.  400’ to 500’ square foot area.  Barton County has an 80’ tower available but it may require 120’.  The results of the survey will clarify.  They ordered a new ambulance today to be ready by 2026, the orders are that far out.

Conference call with Victoria Barker

The air conditioning unit in Chris’s car is still not working, the Commission agreed to take to Mike and Joe’s for repair.  Taylor will be out Tuesday and Thursday.  Susan will be there the rest of the week.  The whole health complex has no air conditioning in the Stockton Clinic, Nichols said they would have repaired; Taylor rescheduled morning WIC people to afternoon thinking it would be done by then. Air is still not working in the back of the El Do Clinic and has reported that to Nichols as well.  Barker a year to bill Medicare and began billing in November.  Medicaid may be different, she doesn’t know timeline, pays $8.35 per component so there won’t be much there.  Tori has the specs on the building for the carport and has provided them to each of the contractors.  Receiving an extra $149,289 for ELC ED grant and cannot be used as a PERMANENT structure, must be movable to a new location if needs be.  The canopy will now be placed on pillars instead of a concrete pad.  Now is the perfect time to purchase their own generator to power the health department.

Motion by Boultinghouse to approve the Mo Dept of Transportation; second by Anderson. Anderson – Yes; Boultinghouse – Yes; Thornton – Yes

Met with Leah Morton, County Assessor

Requests to process court order #28983-28996 to add-on the assessed valuation of newly purchased personal property.

Motion by Anderson to approved the 2023 Tax Levy rates of General Revenue at .3217, Road and Bridge at .2435, and Senior Services Tax at .0497, second by Boultinghouse.  Anderson – Yes; Boultinghouse – Yes; Thornton – Yes

Clerk York reported the Annual Tax Sale will collect $83,468.86 in total surplus for 2023.

Conference call with Kaylee Wisner, Land O Lakes Youth Board after she contacted Boultinghouse regarding funds remaining on ARPA.

Applicant requested $317,000 approved $179,000; Collected $151,000 with a remaining balance of $27,357.09.  They were able to get items less expensive than had originally been projected. Leftover funds would need to be reapplied for if needed or would be distributed to another applicant that needs it.  Land O Lakes will complete a new application for additional requests.

Boultinghouse contacted Gentile Plumbing to address the issue with the water pressure in the lavatories; Aerators on order to resolve the issue.

Conference call with Victoria Barker, CCHD Director

Letter sent to Prosecuting Attorney 07/31-2023. CCHD has had no response from PA. Recipient contacted CCHD regarding waste drainage into pond in regard to letter. Need a response from the Prosecuting Attorney we are 2 days past the date on letter.

Barker requests to house dual-fuel generators and emergency prep in trailers. We have insurance on trailers; do we have insurance on the contents? Do we need to get fuel for generators and store? Commission advises to get propane. Barker asks if the propane can be stored in the trailer with heat. The Commission advise to contact a propane distributor for clarification.

Barker spoke with Dr. Wyant, there isn’t a problem with CIGNA. Blue Cross and Blue Shield is where the issue is. Once she receives the paperwork will forward to credentialing. Blue Cross and Blue Shield is not paying for the vaccines they are sending payment to parents and parents are not forwarding the payments to health department.

Will have to initiate Transworld collections.

Barker will follow up with Kenney on IRS address clarification for Medicare. Kenny stopped in: Has not heard anything back from Springfield, going to get with Joplin.  Barker asks if we cannot get credentials do you want us to give flu shots to seniors. Commission will discuss. Barker notes if CCHD cannot get credentialed, we will be out the $65 for the vaccine.  Believes payment begins from the date of contract.

Jason Wells, AFLAC Representative

Came to discuss options for supplemental insurance options for employees.

Stacia Ferguson, Fergie and Sons stopped in to discuss ownership of Caplinger Bridge

Owns the Caplinger Park, Powerhouse, Mill and Dam, and just found out she owns the bridge but was not aware of this until recently.  Her questions are whether the County actually owns Caplinger Bridge.  Asks if the County can condemn the bridge to foot traffic or if they want it back?  Documentation on ownership has been misleading she will follow-up with deeds and see if further clarification can be determined from that.

Thank you from Judy Nichols for road maintenance.

Thank you from Sharon Ward for a tree removal on CR1724.

Reviewed notice of CCMH board meeting for 8/30/2023, none of the Commission are available to attend.

Reviewed monthly fee report from the Circuit Clerk Office.

Reviewed new information on SB190, tabled for later discussion.

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