How ‘bout them Chiefs?

Kimball  has a lot more faith than I do, evidently. When the Chiefs were behind 20 – 10 in the 4th quarter, I kinda gave up hope. She didn’t.

But she left the room quite frequently to go do some chore in the back bedroom. If I saw a good commercial, which was her main interest, I had to pause the TV, holler for her to come see, then replay it.

Monday morning I found and played for her the KC interception with about a minute left that sealed the game. No. 29 just flat took the ball away from the 49er receiver.

Monday I spoke with a friend in Kansas City and even up there they had heard Springfield mentioned as a hotbed of Chiefs supporters, She wanted to know the connection. I told her I guessed they are the closest NFL team since the Rams left.

El Dorado Springs is not far behind Springfield, just fewer people.

For mixed company, I liked the commercial in which the guy was removing body parts. Kimball liked the car parking commercial.

I wouldn’t have wanted to be Head Coach Andy Reid when he got the Gatorade bath, but he had worked a lot of years for that honor and was still speaking to all the players afterwards.

– The El Dorado Springs Volunteer Fire awards ceremony was impressive Saturday night. Fire Chief Bob Floyd said that the State Fire Marshall was impressed that our firemen have a total of 657 years of service. He said that was unheard of. That’s a lot of late nights and people saved. The State Fire Marshall, Tim Bean, said he feels safer on the road knowing the if he is involved in an accident, there will be boots on the ground anywhere in the state to rescue him or anyone else who needs it.

Someone who appreciated help from the Volunteer Fire Department donated $500 and Fire Chief Bob Floyd used it to fund the dinner for firemen and their families.

Russ Hayes’ widow, Susan, drew a standing ovation when she went forward to receive her certificate.  Bob said, “She’s still part of our Fire Department family.”

Russ is only the second El Dorado Springs fireman to ever die in the line of duty. I miss him. He got into the car with Adrian to keep it from rolling over when she was trapped after her terrible wreck. KL