You know that I don’t get into national politics, but I will tell you that if I had heard Michael Bromberg when I was a senior in High School, I might be a farmer today. I grew up on a farm and was in FFA. I wanted to farm but I figured it would take at least a million dollars to buy the land, equipment and livestock I would need to make a go of it. That, and I didn’t know if I was smart enough. Dad spent his life on the farm and knew a lot more about taking care of the crops, the livestock and the equipment than I did and thought I needed  to know.

With my own two ears, I heard that billionaire say there is nothing to farming. Very little “gray matter” required. Just dig a hole, put a seed in it, add water and up comes the corn. He said he could teach anybody in that room to farm. He didn’t say what to do if you wanted wheat, oats, barley, alfalfa, or the multitude of other crops. Of if you wanted a dairy herd or a cow-calf operation.

Of course, I don’t think he made his billions farming. But when he starts holding seminars on farming, I hope if some of you go, you’ll report back to me so I can share his wisdom with our readers. I’m too busy trying to make a living.

I imagine that his comments will get him the farm vote. Unless you’ve got more “gray matter” than he thinks you have.

I haven’t talked to my law enforcement friends yet about Mr. Blumberg’s theory on policing: all crime and murders happen in certain neighborhoods to minorities in a certain age group. Just Xerox the description and give it to all the police.

Sounds almost as simple as his farming advice.

– We received a letter to the editor from Sheryl K Yoder concerned about all the trash dumped along our rural roads. I agree with her and I know a lot of you do, too. I got her permission to publish her phone number so maybe some of you can organize a group to combat littering. Phone: 309 221-9035.

I can tell you that I have never thrown out the window or over the side of a boat a gum or candy bar wrapper or any empty can. When I used to turkey hunt, I picked up the feathers and the spent shotgun casing when I shot a bird mostly to keep anyone from knowing where I had success, but partly to keep from littering.

Even so I’m not as fanatical as people who go to the South Pole.  They are required to bring back their solid body waste in a plastic bag.

Saturday night on CabaRayNashville, I learned that Ray Stevens is just his stage name. He was born Harold Ray Ragsdale. He told about a man who went forward at a church when the preacher offered to pray for any need. The man asked the preacher to pray for his hearing. So the preacher put his hands over the man’s ear and launched into a long and loud prayer for his hearing.

After concluding his prayer, the preacher asked the man if his hearing was better. The man said, “I don’t know. It’s not until Thursday.” KL

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