Cedar County Sheriff James McCrary called Thursday to tell me about a service he was going to start Monday of this week. In cooperation with Woods Supermarket in El Dorado Springs and Stockton, deputies, first responders and other volunteers will deliver groceries to elderly, disabled persons, veterans or anyone who has an elevated health risk anywhere in Cedar County. Complete article on Page 1. As of noon Monday, the sheriff said he already had 40 volunteers all over the county.

That, folks, is real service. I was talking to Presiding Commissioner Marlon Collins who said he wished he had thought of it. He said he and the sheriff had a conversation about it.

The delivery people, some on duty, some off duty, will have their temperature checked before they do a delivery. I heard on the TV that the virus has a fairly short life span on surfaces.

I also heard that tests in Texas showed that pets do not get the virus. I was wondering about that.

– The Missouri governor and the secretary of state have postponed the April 7 election until Tuesday, June 2. The school board has extended spring break until at least April 6 then they will reassess.

– Nothin’ strikes me as funny this week, although I do have a question. I haven’t heard anything in the news reports about the Coronavirus that justifies the run on toilet paper or the run on eggs and milk. Have you? If you have, ‘splain it to me. Toilet paper will keep. Eggs and milk won’t. KL