Last Tuesday when Kimball and Davis delivered Sun newspapers to the stores, I got a pleasant surprise from what they told me: Over the counter paper sales were strong. That tells me you are looking to us for local information on the virus.

And that’s exactly what we are doing our best to provide you. We stay in touch with local health professionals and take news from them until the last minute on our deadline day, Monday.

– I also watch for extraordinary effort on your behalf. I just received an email from Head Football Coach Kelly Beckner telling everyone, athlete or not, how to improve their body during this trying time.

-Davis showed me a video he had taken of Reese playing at home: standing up, on her tippy toes, of course, doing knee bends, laughing and clapping her hands and cheering. Erica brought her to the office Monday and she put on her show here. Her daddy took her for some high speed rides in his office chair and that was a hit.

I scared her real bad, of course, by saying “Boo” several times. She laughed every time.

– There is something each one of us can do about the virus that I have heard mentioned but not enough – PRAY to the Great God in Heaven. He spared Israel many times when it looked like the enemy would wipe them out. He still has just as much power today. Daniel prayed three times a day even when ordered not to. The Lord gave the lions lockjaw until the wicked people replaced Daniel in their den.

Pray for yourself, your family, your city, your county, your state, your nation, the world and your leaders. There’s no reason God should pay any attention to me but as Ron Pitts said when we were talking about all the people who told me they prayed for me when I was in a coma 20 days, “You never know when somebody will hit a lick.” I wasn’t doing a thing when the Lord saved me. I had tried everything that came to me and just gave up without realizing that I had and was laying there stretched out under the altar on my face not even thinking. To my surprise, He saved me and I wasn’t even sure what had happened, but I wasn’t afraid to go to sleep anymore. What I got was complete, perfect peace. Didn’t tell it for a year.

So give it your best effort and as Sister Gracie Cartwright said often, “Let God be God.”

-God bless America. KL