You might want to tune into Spring City TV on Friday, May 29, to view Michelle Leroux’s show and tell on the Hospital Tax issue. Kimball made the same offer to those opposed and did not have any takers. It will probably air about noon. Michelle has experience working in another hospital and is quite knowledgeable on the subject. She was born and raised in El Dorado Springs. To get on Spring City TV, on your computer or phone, go to On your computer look on the right side and scroll until you see the Spring City TV button. On your phone, it might be at the bottom of the page. Click on the button. Davis and Kimball produce three shows a week. They are archived by date.

– My sister sent me a photo of the official  2020 mascot – a racoon – which the message says washes its hands compulsively, always wears a mask and the letters of its name rearranged spell carona. They try to maintain social distancing and if you are exposed by getting too close, you don’t have to quarantine to find out if you got bit.

– Have you ever thought back over your life about the roads you didn’t take?

– Gwen just got back from a week in Arkansas visiting her parents. This time the river didn’t flood so everything went according to plan.

-Do any of you beekeepers have a little Spanish needle honey I could buy? Charlotte Wiggins lives in Rolla and keeps bees. She teaches a course on beekeeping and has never heard of Spanish needle honey. It was Dad’s favorite, the last honey that his bees gathered in the fall. When Dad put on his bee veil and coveralls and gloved up, I stayed away. I still have his bee veil and smoker.

I about scared Kimball to death once when some bees were swarming by our house. I drove Dad’s tractor right through the swarm because I knew they wouldn’t sting. They settled in a hole about 20 feet up in a tree in our yard. They never bothered me and I never bothered them mowing right under the tree. Racoons seem to have died out after several years. 

– Maybe that is one of those roads I should have taken. KL