Kimball got some good shots of the patriotic opening for the 9-11 19th anniversary game, but I don’t think there is anyway to do it justice.

I asked if it was DECA that organized it because they do Veterans’ Day ceremonies.

I was impressed to learn that it was the brainchild of Head Football Coach Kelley Beckner.  He got permission from the administration back during the summer and planned the entire event.

His football players carried flags through the crowd then surrounded First Responders, firemen an their families who were lined up on the track.

Last season, the football team would play a hard first half then something would happen at halftime and they’d come out on fire and usually put the game away.

During halftime at one of those games, I told Superintendent Mark Koca, “I’m a Kelley Beckner fan.” He replied, “I am, too, but probably not for the same reason you are. He teaches young coaches to coach.”

I’m still a fan. Andy Graves tells me that Buffalo’s quarterback runs the 40 faster than any QB in any division. I didn’t look back in the records, but I think Buffalo beat us 42-0 last year. I think that 33-16 this year is a lot more respectable.

– Kimball insisted that I get her a new (to us) camera for sports. When you pull the trigger it repeats like a machine gun. Last week I used it for volleyball and was able to get an entire play at the net: Volleydog set and spike, Osceola block and  Volleydog block straight down at the net. This week Kimball got some better shots of football plays than I ever did. Of course, she’s a better photographer than I am, but the camera helped her a little. I’m not kidding. I have several of her photos on my walls, but none of mine. I just love one she took of water going over the dam at Caplinger. She’s the artist. I’m the technician. She sees a good  picture when I just see things.

We probably won’t go to the away football or volleyball games because of Covid concerns, but if any of you want to take your camera, we’ll be glad to give you credit for your efforts.

-Kimball has a warped sense of humor. One day last week, I had all my work completed and Kimball told me to go home. I had a sack full of prescriptions and was fumbling with them as I went in the carport door. Somehow I stumbled and fell headlong into the closet folding door knocking it off the runners.

As I told her, we were sitting  on the bed and Kimball could see that I wasn’t hurt. She asked, somewhat innocently, “Did it fall on top of you?”

You’d have thought I did a Red Skelton routine when I answered, “Yes.”

It took Kimball several minutes to stop laughing hysterically.

Reminded me  of the time Kendall Vickers and I were sculley mates (assistant cooks) at the fraternity house and Earl Dotson (also from ElDo) was one of the kitchen boys who put the food on the tables and picked up the used plates. Earl was walking quickly coming toward the kitchen sink with an armload of plates up to his chin. He hit a slick spot, went horizontal, then gravity took over. Pieces of plates flew everywhere.

Earl wasn’t hurt so everybody in the kitchen laughed, then started picking up the pieces. KL