Kenny seems to be improving. He has great nurses and doctors that I’m sure would really like him to get out of ICU. He hasn’t commented one way or the other.

Howard Hamilton’s biscuits are super. The recipe is sort of like – take flour, baking powder, shortening and milk – toss in a bowl, mix it up -roll it out and cut -out your biscuits and cook at 450 degrees.

I did check with Sylvia Ackley about British biscuits, (which look like cookies) so named on the Netflix show “The Great British Baking show.” She said, “They don’t have cookies in England. Biscuits are called scones. They can come with all sorts of things in them. Or nothing at all.”

Sylvia is a fan of the baking show but is currently watching Downton Abbey for the 3rd time. Should I be watching reruns of “Duck Dynasty?”

Christmas decorations are gone. The last of my “12 days” pictures are resting on a tying table and the city is pretty well done with their clean up. The park really was beautiful, wasn’t it?

So now were looking at Valentines’ Day which is about a month away. Think of someone who could really use a Valentine Card. Go buy it, or make it and send it someone who spent too much time alone during 2020.

I hope you enjoyed our Hawaiian Shirt Thursday, Jan 14, interview with Angela Kenney on Spring City TV. This Thursday, Jan. 21, we will interview Charlie from Zoe Soso’s.

It was Benjamin Franklin that said nothing is certain except death and taxes. Well, the tax part is coming up pretty quickly. Do you realize we’re more than half-way through January?

I think we have a first baby of the New Year. I can’t tell you who it is, because I haven’t told the parents, yet. (Davis read that sentence and asked, “What? They don’t know yet that they have a baby?”) Let me re-phrase – I haven’t told the parents that their baby is the first baby. Area merchants always offer nice gifts to the new baby and parents. But this year’s bag of goodies has a greater number of gift certificates to local eateries. They are in the last issue of December 2020.               KSL