Our little children are paying closer attention to us than we are to them.

-Davis had to be gone over night on business. When he returned home the next morning nearly three-year old Reese hollered, “Momma, I found Daddy.”

A few days later he brought Reese to the office to visit. Before walking out of the building Kimball thanked her for coming to see her then asked if she would come back to see her again. Reese paused for about 3 seconds looking around the room contemplating the offer then replied with a definitive, “Nope.” When getting back in the car to go home Davis asked her, “Are you ready to go home?” She excitedly said, “Yeah!” Then continued with, “I go see mommy, I see Nashy, I see Ben, I see house!”

Sometimes you get exactly what you ask for…kinda. When their granddaughter, Makayla, married Wade Hicks, Cousin Don Boultinghouse was anxious for them to have a little one, a great grandchild. When I called his house Thursday, I asked about the health of his family. Don said their six month old great-grandson, Silas, was standing there looking at him.  Silas was there to avoid contact with his momma who wasn’t feeling well.

-Grace Cauthon Bausch wrote that bitterness is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die.

-She also wrote: I just fired myself from cleaning my house. I didn’t like my attitude and I was taking too many coffee breaks.


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