I started the day with a hot shower and it looks like I’ll end it with a chilly one.
It is officially Spring which brings wet unsettled weather. The Old Farmers Almanac said we could have some snow maybe in April. How do old farmers know all of that? How old do you have to be to be an Old Farmer? It occurred to me that all the Old Farmers are probably as old as me, so maybe I should just forget it.
Friday night as I was leaving, I unlocked the passenger side of my car and put my keys, my purse and my dog in the front seat and shut the door. I walked around to the driver’s side and the door wouldn’t open and everything I needed either to get into the car or my office or even my house were all safe and secure guarded by my dog, in the front seat of my vehicle. The gentlemen at The Home Store let me use their phone to call for help, but the gentleman who came to help couldn’t get my door open. So, finally I called Gwen who drove me out to my house to get my spare key. I knew I could get in, but I didn’t know if the door from the basement to the main floor was locked. I kind of remembered that I had locked it. I ran through the basement and up the stairs, reached for the doorknob with one hand and crossed my fingers with the other all the time saying please, please, please, please. The doorknob didn’t budge, then it did. My spare key was in the closet. Gwen drove me back to my car. I opened the door and Caddee gave me one of those dog looks. I think if she had been able to roll her eyes she would have.
Several times recently, people have texted me with pictures and information. I always look at them, but when I go back to retrieve them, they are gone – bad magic, voodoo or something. So, if you have sent anything to my phone please resend it to sunpub@centurylink.net.
Next Friday is the 2nd Annual Fine Arts Gala at the Old Community Building. I went last year and really enjoyed it. The promotional material says it is a black tie event. But if you don’t have a black tie or if you don’t have any kind of tie it is OK. Come on any way. KSL

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