I’m sitting down for our weekly chat on Halloween, Oct. 31, which is our 47th wedding anniversary.

I have had the pleasure today of talking to two outstanding individuals – Terry Nichols, the new CEO at Cedar County Memorial Hospital, and my long-time friend, J. D. Stephens, who I had not seen in several years since I got to where I could not drive a car. More on J. D. in a later issue.

Kimball had just parked the car and was getting me out when this guy pulled in and parked behind us and got out.

For just a second I thought he looked like Gary Green then he started talking about some board meeting Kimball had missed. I asked which one. That’s when he introduced himself.

I had seen some photos of Mr. Nichols always in a coat and tie. He was dressed I

business casual today and appeared younger than in the photos I had seen. He was very friendly and open. The hospital staff likes him. I encourage you to get to know him.

Mr. Nichols doesn’t come off as a guy you can’t push around. But he has the quiet confidence it takes to run a facility with over 200 professional employees. I’m glad the board hired him.

And I’m glad Jeanne Hoagland recruited Dr.Wyant.

The fishing reporter at Stockton State Park Marina i told me they would close for the winter Nov. 1. The only one who answered his phone was Taberviile. I thought I could get one last report out of the other two, but no such luck. Taberville will stay open all winter . I’ll try Caplinger Woods this week to find out what they are going to do. KL