Last week I forgot to mention that all the information about “The Beach” was taken from articles written by Virginia Ryan Strain, as in “Virginia Ryan Strain Swimming Pool.” Mrs. Strain wrote most of what went into the Centennial edition of the El Dorado Springs Sun which was published the week of the Picnic in 1981. She had started writing a  column for us a year or so earlier called “A Peak at the Past.” All those columns were incorporated into the Centennial Edition.

Faithful reader Suzette Berning called to ask who wrote the column. She was reading it when she came to the part that mentioned… “but in 1930, ‘31 and ‘32 my mother and I ran it.” She knew that wasn’t me. I appreciate her concern.

This week on Spring City TV we have an interview with Police Chief Jared Schierek about Amendment 3. A lot of people voted for it, including me, and it was only when I tried to wade through it that I wondered exactly what I had voted for. I thought a law informant perspective would be helpful.

I also hope to have City Manager Bruce Rogers give of a State of the City address – or maybe just talk about it.

4681 is planning a new and improved podcast which is hopefully up and running by next week. Davis and Kathryn have developed some great ideas along with their manager. You can see their promo on Facebook now. 4681 is not a production of the El Dorado Springs Sun or Spring City TV.

El Dorado Springs Basketball is going really well. Both Girls and Boys teams won at Stockton over the weekend. As of the latest ranking, the girls are number 2 in the state in class 3 and the boys are number 10 in class 3. We have info on page 7.  ElDo Courtwarming is Feb. 10. They play Buffalo.

Kenny didn’t come in to write the Rock Wall, but he did tell me that he was going to talk about breaking a quarter horse.