Since I started this conversation with you in 1979 I have used a progression of devices to put my thoughts down on paper. First it was a typewriter, then a variety of computers. Once I was in a back corner of the nursing home dining room on my little laptop.
Today is a new chapter – I’m in a back corner of our dining room getting ready to attempt to send the Rock Wall over the wi-fi wire recently installed by Sac Osage. It is supposed to show up on Kimball’s computer on her desk as an email.
I’d call the snow we got a skiff. When I first went to Birmingham in 1969. We got a similar snow and I went on to work. Almost nobody else did. The city and the state have almost no equipment to handle snow and people don’t know how to drive on it.
I saw a piece on KY3 that some animals, usually dogs, will chew through plastic antifreeze containers to get at the contents which they love and which will kill them.
I’ve got big news coming in a few weeks as soon as I get permission tell you.
I have an appointment soon with a neurosurgeon who I hope can redirect the spinal fluid that is putting water on my brain. In a little over a year, a Springfield hospital has called him away at the last minute causing him to break five or six appointments.
The last one let us have lunch at the Nearly Famous with Wanda Jennings who worked here for years. We hadn’t seen her since she and Neal got married.
Kimball had surgery last week. Took her a couple of days to recover. Davis and Erica took good care of her. All I could do was pray.
Now I’ve got to see if I can get Davis to help me send this over the wire. KL

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