I have you have read that R-2 Superintendent Heath Oats submitted his resignation effective at the end of the school year to go to Cassville which will be closer to family and friends.

The school board appointed Brad Steward, current Middle School Principal, to be the new superintendent next year. The Board has appointed Jay Martin, one of the high school ag teachers, to be the new Middle School principal. The school has posted an opening for a new ag teacher.

When I called Jay to congratulate him, he was heavily involved in his other full time job, parenting, and it was time for the afternoon bottle. Wonder if that is training for his new job.

Kimball took our two-year-old black kitten, Diane, since she is too big to call little bitty kitty any more, to Dr. Brian Mitchell, for her annual examination and shots. If you touch Diane, it’s at your own risk. I have a spot starting to heal between my thumb and index finger where I reached down and petted her as she walked by my chair. Kimball calls them love bites.

Well, Diane didn’t love Dr. Mitchell. She didn’t fuss or bite him while he handled her all over and gave her some shots. I guess she recognized experience.

Got the results back on my oh, so, noisy MRI. No water on the brain. So the doctors will have to look for another cause for my lack of balance and numb fingertips. I brain surgeon and my MD, Dr. Wyant, are looking at it.

I just noticed we received a death notice for Brent Beckman. Nice guy.

I was not a regular viewer of Tucker Carlson so I have no idea what he said that cost somebody over $700 million and him his job. Hope he had insurance. I thought he was mild mannered compared to other talk show hosts.

Davis wants to be sure we thank David and Ashley Rogers for rescuing him Saturday night at the prom when he had an equipment failure. They took to prom pictures for him.