The Lord was really good to us with the cooler weather during the Picnic. As it was, we had good attendance and nobody died from the heat.
Today is the first day of school. Be sure to give kids a brake. Be alert for the illogical or unexpected behavior from our precious little ones. A few years ago I was headed south on Main Street right by the school crossing. The crossing guard had already finished her tour of duty. Traffic was slow fortunately. Suddenly a little girl in a pretty light colored dress came running into northbound traffic from the southeast, never hesitated, plowed into northbound traffic and ran over into my lane. I slammed on my brakes and missed her by a few feet. She never even glanced at my vehicle and ran north on the sidewalk.
I learned later that she had a minor stomach upset and had spit up on her pretty dress. She was mortified and bolted from her classroom to run home and change her soiled dress. Nothing else mattered to her at that moment.
So take care of our kids when their little minds get distracted. They could run into traffic to retrieve a game ball.
It sounds like Hillary has added the west coast to her reign of mayhem. She is now a force in D.C. and California. KL