My condolences to the Truitt family on the death of Walt at 93. He and Barbara got married when she was 16. I’d be afraid to ask her age now. Barbara bites.

The last time I saw Walt and Barbara they were leaving the Bulldog Brew as we were entering. We exchanged pleasantries and no barbs.

Kimball, young Adrian and Eva Coleman were eating at the dress shop and eatery Barbara had down town and Barbara offered them some cantaloupe. Eva and Kimball wanted some. Adrian didn’t. She asked, “How come older women like cantaloupe?” Someone asked Adrian, “Have you heard of tact?” She said, “What’s that?”

Walt was never there but Barbara and I had some fine spats.

Kimball just told me that Tim Carter died. Sorry to hear that. Good man. Good family. His wife and I had a standing joke. Tim was an excellent bowhunter. I asked his wife once if Tim wore rubber boots when he hunted. She said, “That’s all he wears.” I said, “Ooh, I bet that gets chilly.” She saw the humor in that.

The news on my cell phone reported a fisherman saw a bald eagle in the water and thought it was injured. No, it had latched onto a muskie too big to fly away with and was towing it to shore. The next day the man saw the half eaten musky on the shore.

Another fly fisherman was landing a fish when a bald eagle took it. Fortunately, after stripping a lot of line, the fish came off the hook and the man got his fly back.

We had a bald eagle on deer scraps here at the house and I was afraid to let the cats go outside. That was better than risking a $10,000 fine for shooting the national bird.