I was looking at the very impressive deluge out my front window on Monday evening when I remembered that we have had problems with rain sneaking in through the back door. I rushed to the back of the office and opened the door to the storage area. A little bit of water was trickling in under the outer door. So, I opened it. And while I went outside to check the drain, the water gushed in, fill the back room and ran into the main office.

It has happened before. It flows into the north side of the office, leaving the main hall and the southside mostly dry. I never know where all the water goes, but in an hour or so, the streams had dried up and outside of some soggy carpet, we were good to go.

I hope when I get home, I don’t find another tree on my house.

As soon as the sun came out, I took a picture of the rainbow.

This is another full week. The American Legion is serving ham and beans on Wednesday, the fine arts gala is Friday and the Senior Center is serving an Italian meal on Saturday.

What meal do you think most El Dorado folk would call “very El Dorado”? I heard years ago that Butter Brickle was the official ice cream of El Dorado Springs. I haven’t heard that for several years. Maybe most people don’t know that. But if it is not Butter Brickle what would it be? Let me know, please.  KSL