ECS safety and preparedness plan 202-2021

The ECS board and administration have compiled a proactive strategy to keep our staff, students and families safe and healthy as students and staff return to the building for classes on Tuesday, Aug. 25. This strategy is subject to change in accordance with the information given to us from the CCHD, CDC and healthcare professionals.

Staff and student safety:

• Temperatures will be taken each morning by Mrs Bryson at the vehicles or by Ms. Natalie in the office.

• Staff and students should stay home if exhibiting two or more of the listed COVID-19 symptoms.

o Fever of 100.4F or higher or chills

o Cough

o Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing

o Fatigue

o Muscle or body aches

o Headache

o New loss of taste or smell

o Sore throat

o Congestion or runny nose

o Nausea or vomiting

o Diarrhea

• Symptoms list generated from www.cdc/coronavirus

• All staff and students must be symptom free and fever free without medication for 24 hours before they can return to school or to school activities.

• Any staff or student exhibiting two or more of the COVID-19 symptoms will be sent home.

• Students and staff are welcome to wear masks, but it is not required.

• Students and staff will be encouraged to use good hygiene, washing hands often, using hand sanitizer and coughing into their elbow.

• Students and staff MUST bring a water bottle to be filled at the new touchless water filling stations. Drinking fountains will be closed.

• Students and staff should bring hand sanitizer to be used throughout the day.

• Students will not share supplies in the classroom or art room.

Building and class precautions:

• High traffic areas will be disinfected daily an more often if necessary.

• Staff will spray down and wipe down desks/tables between classes/uses.

• Hand sanitizer stations will be strategically placed throughout the building.

• Water bottle filling stations will be used. Regular water fountains will not be in use.

• Students will be distanced in the cafeteria, if distancing is not possible, then students will eat in their classrooms.

• Student desks will be facing one direction and distanced as much as possible.

• Hallway traffic will be limited to one class at a time.

• Students will have assigned seats for every class and in the cafeteria.

• If it is necessary for a visitor to enter the building, they could be given a brief health questionnaire as well as a temperature check.

Parental guidelines:

• Have a back-up plan for sick days, quarantine days, school closures…

• Keep your child home when they are sick or do not feel well.

• Remind your child to wash their hands thoroughly and to not touch their mouth or nose.

Athletic guidelines:

• Wearing of masks will be recommended but not required for spectators.

• The bleachers will be marked every six feet. Chairs will be placed in small groups on the stage for additional seating. They will be spaced out to encourage social distancing. Families will be asked to sit together.

• The gym will have designated sections for visitor spectators and hoe spectators.

• There will be no limit of spectator at games.

• Hand sanitizer will be available in at least three high traffic areas.

• Additional responsibilities will be added to cleaning schedule after each game, including sanitizing benches and door knobs.

• Concessions will continue as normal with gloves required and no children under the age of 14 allowed behind the concession stand.

• Any order issued by the city, county, state or federal government involving the use of masks, group limitations or other will be communicated and adhered to.

ECS will follow the Cedar County Health Departments protocol for communication when a positive COVID-19 case is reported.

If a student or staff member is exposed to a person outside of the household who tested positive to COVID-19, they will be quarantined for 14 days.

If a student or staff member is exposed to a household member who tested positive to COVID-19, they will be quarantined for 14 days.

If a student or staff member tests positive to COVID-19, they will be quarantined for 10 days. They can return to school after the 10 days and after being medically cleared by a healthcare professional and are symptom and fever free for 24 hours.

If a student or staff member has a person in their immediate family, living in the same household, becomes sick, requiring a COVID-19 test, that student or staff member cannot return to school until the test is negative. If the test is positive, the student or staff member cannot return for 14 days.

If a student or staff member is recommended to take a COVID-19 test, that student can return to school if the test is negative and symptoms free for 24 hours.

If a student or staff member tests positive for COVID-19, they will be quarantined for 10 days and after being cleared by a healthcare professional. Students and staff exposed to this positive case will quarantine for 14 days.

Quarantined families must make every effor to keep up with school work, working in accordance with their teachers.

Staff, students and families need to be familiar with online learning tools such as Google Classroom, Zoom Bloomz and youtube..staff will communicate with families as to which tools well be used.

If it is necessary to have an extended school cloure due to COVID-19, the following strategies will go into effect:

• Teachers will move to the  online, Education from a Distance plan, using online tools and apps.

• Your child’s teacher will explain those plans at the beginning of the school year

• All schoolwork, test, quizzes, projects and papers will be graded during the Education from a Distance period.

It is our desire to be in session this school year. Staying healthy and safe will take the commitment and cooperation of all ECS staff, students an families working together to follow the recommendations of the CCDH, CDC and healthcare professionals. Please join us in praying diligently and working hard to say safe and healthy this school year. ECS is striving to fill our students with God’s goodness and an excellent education.

El Dorado Christian School 2019-20

El Dorado Christian School offers El Dorado Springs and surrounding communities an excellent alternative educational choice for their children. We are beginning our 38th year providing a quality education from a Biblical worldview in a safe environment. The primary purpose of ECS is to train students in the knowledge of God, the Christian way of life, love of country, and to give students an excellent academic education. As the standards of our society continue to change, ECS is committed to maintaining objectives based upon the unchanging principles of the Word of God.

Beginning with the 2016-2017 school year, El Dorado Christian School is an A+ Designated school, providing high school graduates the opportunity for two years of tuition paid at a Missouri community or vocational college. Our high school graduates are required to meet Missouri state graduation requirements, and earn admission and scholarships to both public and private universities across the nation.

We use curriculum determined to best meet our educational goals, and these include A Beka, Saxon, BJU Press, Purposeful Design, and IEW. Upper-level math and science classes are available, as well as college preparatory classes and religious studies.  Students have the opportunity to enroll in dual enrollment classes through local community colleges. Our academic program is presented by a qualified and attentive faculty of 19 teachers, as well as support staff.

Our students can choose to participate in a variety of extracurricular activities, as well as full athletic programs in basketball, volleyball, cross country and track.  We emphasize spiritual growth through Bible classes and chapel services and serving the community doing various service projects.

Beginning with our preschool program, our students learn to read by learning letters and sounds in our strong phonics program.Our students learn cursive writing beginning in first grade. In addition to the   basics, we also provide classes in upper level math and science, college preparatory, drafting, art, computer technology, religious studies and foreign language.   

Since its inception in 1983, ECS has more than tripled its number of staff members and student enrollment and, beginning in 2005, ECS has graduated fifteen classes of seniors.   Students at ECS represent over 25 different area churches and over 10 different communities.

ECS requires our seniors to meet Missouri graduation requirements.The overwhelming majority of our high school graduates has gone on to college or the military and has been academically successful and well prepared for college. Our students have an average ACT composite score of 24 which is above the national average.    

ECS will begin on campus and in-person school on Tuesday, Aug. 25. The Board and Administration have compiled a proactive strategy keeping the health and safety of our students and staff a priority. The ECS Safety & Preparedness plan can be read at its entirety on the ECS facebook page or in the ECS Student Handbook.    

Our school operates on a four-day school week, 8:00-4:00, Monday through Thursday. By going an extra hour during the day, we more than meet the minutes required by the state for public schools.   Doors open daily at 7:50.

The three-year old preschool class meets on Tuesday and Thursday 8-11:30 or 12:30-4. Four-year old preschool meets Monday through Thursday 8-11:30 or 12:30-4. All other classes are in session from 8-4. Monthly tuition rates are as follows:

Three-year old preschool  $95

Four-year old preschool $115

Kindergarten             $215

First-Eighth Grade                  $265

High School             $310

El Dorado Christian School is located at 1600 S. Ohio, El Dorado Springs. For more information about our school or to enroll your child, please visit our website at or contact the school office at (417) 876-2201 to schedule a tour.

Faculty and staff 2019-2020

Board Members – Mr. Randy Bland, Chairman, Mr. Greg Castor, Dr. Cammie Housh, Mr. Terry McKinney, Mr. Joe Trussell, Mr. Brandon Watkins, Mr. Travis Bland.

Principal – Mrs. Kelly Bryson

Administrative Assistants – Mrs. Natalie Baker, Mrs. Michelle Steuck

Preschool – Mrs. Chelsey Asmus, Mrs. Michelle Morin

Kindergarten – Mrs. Jan Bland

Elementary Teachers: Mrs. Amber Bowen, Mrs. Karen Johnson, Mrs. Janet Swank, Mrs. Jill Ash, Mrs. Darla Daniel, Mrs. April Rosbrugh

P.E. – Mr. Tommy Bowen

Elementary Art and Music – Mrs. Sheila Altheide

High School and Middle School – Mrs. Cheryl Eslinger, Mrs. Patty King, Mrs. Dixie Christensen, Mrs. Janet Swank, Mrs. Krystal Wyant, Mrs. Becky LeeMasters

Athletic Director – Mrs. Becky LeeMasters

Custodian – Mr. Bob Carter

ECS 2019-2020 Highlights

Listed below are just a few of the events which occurred during the 2019-2020 school year:

• Active parent/teacher organization

• Educational field trips

• Elementary students participated in various Community Service Events

• Grandparents honored for Grandparents’ Day with a program

• Grades 6-8  VFW Essay winners and participants

• Grades 9-12 VFW Essay winners and participants

• Grades 6-12 DAR Essay winners and participants

• High School Students did numerous Community Service Projects throughout the year

• Various team and individual awards earned in volleyball, girls’ and boys’ basketball, cross country, and track

• Education continued during the pandemic as teachers and staff quickly adjusted to our Education from a Distance plan.

New teacher for ECS 2020-2021

Our new elementary P.E. teacher is Mr. Tommy Bowen.  He comes to us with a great love for the Lord, teaching, and children. We are pleased to welcome him to our staff.

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