Superintendent Heath Oates welcomes back students

To the students, parents, and all of the patrons of the El Dorado Springs R-2 School District,

I don’t know if I have ever looked forward to opening the doors and welcoming our students back to school more than I am this year.  In my opinion, we need to see our students and get them in their classrooms and continue to guide them in their education in every subject. I think students need their teachers and the adults from school back in their lives. They need their friends and they need their coaches and activity sponsors too.

Plans are now in place to start school in as close to normal functioning as possible. The district’s leadership team has worked hard to put in place a flexible plan of action which can ensure that the children are educated regardless of our level of restriction. Whether we are in green, yellow, or red status, teachers will teach and students will learn. Will it always be ideal?—No, it won’t. And the district won’t have every plan with every step correctly in place before those plans are implemented. We are committed to educating every one of our students, which means making things right every time we can.

With our student activities this year, we may have some disruptions. Depending on how the virus goes, there may be times when student activities are restricted or altered significantly. We will do our best to make sure the kids have every opportunity to have the opportunity to participate and compete.

The Elementary School (Pre-K – 5) building still qualifies for the CEP program which means that breakfast and lunch are free to all students. The middle school and high school buildings are on a pay basis, just as they were last year. Parents and guardians of middle and high school students will need to make sure that they return the free and reduced form to the school to see if they might qualify for free or reduced price lunches.

We have made a few infrastructure improvements to our campus. A sewer project was completed over the summer, along with a roofing and an HVAC project. The high school science lab has also been upgraded, along with some playground equipment. We are in the second full year of the new gym improvements on the north end of the district, and I am happy to see that function for our students.

As we head into the new school year, please remember that the best way for your child to have a successful year is to keep the communication lines open with your child’s teachers. I am looking forward to spending the year as your new superintendent. It’s a great day to be a Bulldog!

Heath Oates, Superintendent of Schools

List of new certified staff at El Dorado Springs R-2 School District

Name                           Position

Heath Oates               Superintendent

Cary Chambers          Director of Special Education

Tracy Barger*             Elementary Principal

Ashley Wolfe              Associate Elementary Principal

Jason Bryant              Special Education Teacher

Shelby Loane             3rd Grade

Brittany Summers     Special Education Teacher

Sara McKlintic           Elementary Reading

Todd Mowery             High School Social Studies

Allison Schmitt           High School Math

Calem Simrell             8th Social Studies

*Tracy Barger was promoted from Associate Elementary Principal to the Elementary Principal.

Elementary letter to parents

Dear Parents,

Welcome to the 2020-21 school year! We look forward to a wonderful year of working with your children! School will start on August 26 this year. Here are a few important things to note:

1. We are looking forward to having students back at school this year! We have implemented several safety procedures with student and staff safety in mind. First, we ask that if your child is sick to please keep them home from school. This is very important when it comes to keeping students safe and healthy. If your child is not feeling well and you have questions about whether or not your child should attend school that day, please contact Nurse Johnna at 876-3112, ext. 221. The second safety precaution we have implemented is the requirement of face masks/shields for any adult coming into our building. We appreciate your cooperation in this matter.

2. Start and ending times will remain the same. Our front door will open at 7:35 a.m. each day. Please make sure students are dropped off between 7:35 and 7:50 if they are eating breakfast. The tardy bell will ring at 8:05 a.m. Students arriving after 8:05 will be counted tardy.  It is very helpful if your children are ready to get out of the car when you pull up to the drop-off zone each morning. As always, please pull as far forward as possible to allow others children to unload at the same time.

3. Car riders should only be dropped off and picked up from the circle drive on the west side of the elementary building. Parents of regular car riders will receive numbers to display in their vehicles to help speed up the afternoon pick-up process. These numbers will be available for pick-up at Open House on August 24, or from the elementary office. To ensure student safety and proper social distancing procedures, all car riders will be dismissed from their classrooms.  Please do not park on the circle drive or in the area reserved for faculty parking. Thank you for your patience with us during the afternoon pick-up on the first few days of school as it will run slowly at first. We are making every effort to keep your children safe!

4. Dismissal –  Car riders will begin being dismissed at 3:05. Those arriving to pick up children should remain in your vehicles and go around the circle drive. A staff member will radio in for your child to meet you and load in front of the school. K, 1st, and 4th grade bus riders will be dismissed by intercom at 3:07. Fifth grade students will assist the younger students in finding their buses during the first week of school again this year.  2nd, 3rd, and 5th grade bus riders will be dismissed by intercom at 3:09. Walkers will be dismissed at 3:11 and exit the building through the front entrance on the west side of the school. Please do not ask teachers and students to open locked doors at any time throughout the school year as they have been instructed not to do so.

5. Please remember Oak and Pine Streets are one-way from Main to Grand during the times of morning drop-off (7:30-8:30 a.m.) and afternoon pick-up (2:30-3:30 p.m.). Parents of elementary  students should exit the way you entered (toward Twyman Street). If you will also drop off or pick up middle and/or high school students you may continue north on Grand to do so.

6. As a reminder, please do not park in the Handicapped Student Drop-Off spaces when dropping off or picking up students. These spaces are for our handicapped students; especially those in wheelchairs. We ask that you go through the circle drive for loading and unloading of students. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

7. Open House will be held on the blacktop and playground (field) area this year on Monday, August 24 from 5:00 – 7:00 p.m. Grade level teachers will be set up in these areas so students may come and meet their teachers before school starts. Kindergarten students only will be able to drop off their school supplies that evening. We look forward to seeing everyone!

The Elementary Faculty and Staff

Elementary 2020-2021 new teachers

Ashley Wolfe will be joining the office staff as the new Associate Elementary Principal. She comes to us from Granby where she was an elementary teacher for the East Newton School District. She has been in education for 10 years. She completed her Bachelor’s of Elementary Education Degree from Missouri Southern State University and her Master’s of Education in Administration Degree from Missouri State University. She has completed two Specialist Degrees; one in Administration and one in Curriculum and Instruction, both from Arkansas State University. Mrs. Wolfe and her husband, Robert, have four children; Izzauh, Lanie, Graydee and Asher, Please help to welcome Mrs. Wolfe and her family to our community.

Sara (Eck) McKlintic will be joining the Title I Reading team. Mrs. McKlintic is an El Dorado Springs native and is returning to our school from Nevada. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in General Studies with certification in Elementary Education Teaching. She holds a Master’s Degree in Literacy with Special Reading Certification for grades K – 12. Sara and her husband, Taylor, reside in El Dorado Springs with their children, Taylie, Maddox and Beckett.

Shelby (Barger) Loane will join the second grade team. Mrs. Loane completed her student teaching in  El Dorado Springs and then graduated in December of 2019 from Missouri State University with a Bachelor of Science in Education Degree. She is currently working on a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood and Family Development from Missouri State. Shelby and her husband, Colton, reside El Dorado Springs with their daughter, Emory.

In addition to these new hires the following teaching assignments will change this year:

Dr. Tracy Barger will move from Associate Elementary Principal to Elementary Principal.

Tabatha Culbertson will move from 2nd grade to 3rd grade.

Richard Humphrey will move from 5th grade to 4th grade.

Elementary Teaching assignments


Kasee Gerster

Melissa Gooden

Julie Hankinson

DaNae Norman

Jeanie Norman

1st Grade

Chris Compton

Ashley Friar

Stephanie Fritts

Kayla Loyd

Ginger Nowak

2nd Grade

Traci Adams

Jana Burley

Shelby Loane

Erika Murry

Brooke Schwalm

3rd Grade

Tabatha Culbertson

Melissa Franks

Kala Kenney

Megan Koca

Brooke Miller

4th Grade

Kim Barker

Richard Humphrey 

Melynda Runkle

Kylie Taylor

5th Grade

Alexa Mays

Tandi Leonard

Amanda Stacy

Special Education

Peggy Carter

Debbie McDonald

Sandy Lackey

Michele Leonard

Melanie Martin

Brittany Summers

Early Blended Preschool

Tarrah Foulk

Chelsey Nissley

Title 1 Department

Donna Brower (Communication Arts)

Janelle Fugate (Reading Recovery)

Teresa Hoover (Math

Andrea Mays (Math & CA)

Sarah McKlintic (Communication Arts.)

Eric Rhodes (Math)

Leslie Wetter (Math)

Special Teachers

Kate Barger, P.E.

Suzan Durnell, Library Media Center

Khloe Murrell, Art

Grace Rhodes, Music

Elementary Counselor

Kaitlyn Norman

Nurses’ Office

Johnna Boch

Mary Eason

Elementary Office

Dr. Tracy Barger, Principal

Ashley Wolfe, Associate Principal

Meghan Julian, Secretary

Bridgette Wallace, Secretary

ElDo Elementary school supply list

Preschool: 1 liquid glue and 2 sticks, 1 dry erase marker, 1 box of 24 crayons, 1 watercolor paint set, 1 pkg. washable markers, 1 spiral notebook, 1 plastic pocket folder, 1 pkg disinfectant wipes, 1 bottle hand sanitizer, 1 box sandwich size bags.

Kindergarten: 2 boxes of 24 crayons, 1 school supply box, 1 pkg regular pencils (prefer Ticonderoga), 1 pkg beginner pencils, 1 large box tissues, 4 large glue sticks, 1 pkg dry erase markers, 8 washable markers, Backpack, 1 pkg disinfecting wipes, 1 bottle hand sanitizer.

1st grade: 1 box 24 crayons, 4 glue sticks, 2 boxes tissues, 2 pink erasers, 1 school/art box, 2 pkgs #2 yellow wooden pencils, 1 spiral notebook, 4 dry erase markers, 1 dry eraser, 1 pkg markers, 1 1’ binder, 2 folders with pockets and holes to go inside binder (no folders with brads please), 1 box gallon sized bags (boys), 1 container hand wipes (girls), 1 pkg disinfectant wipes.

2nd grade: 24-48 #2 pencils (no mechanical pencils), 1 box markers, 1 box crayons, 1 pkg colored pencils, 8 large glue sticks, 2 pink block erasers, 2 highlighters, 2 dry erase markers, 1 dry eraser or sock, 1 school/art box, 1 pair earbuds, 3 boxes tissues, 1 wide ruled notebook, 1 composition notebook, 2 plastic folders with brads – 1 red, 1 green, 8 oz. bottle hand sanitizer (boys), 1 container disinfectant wipes (boys), 1 box sandwich baggies (boys), 1 box gallon sized bags (girls), 1 container baby wipes (girls)

3rd grade: 1 box 24 crayons, 1 pkg 12 colored pencils, 1 box 8-10 markers, 1 pencil box, 1 pair student scissors, 3 composition notebooks, 1 pocket folder (no brads please), 3 pkgs #2 pencils (12-ct), 2 large pink erasers, 3 large glue sticks, 1 pkg pencil cap erasers, 2 large boxes tissues, 1 pencil sharpener, 1 pair headphones or earbuds (required), 1 container disinfectant wipes, 1 box sandwich bags (boys), 1 box quart size bags (girls), Mechanical pencils with lead (optional).

4th grade: 4 spiral notebooks, 5 plastic pocket folders, 2 glue sticks, colored pencils, box of crayons-24 ct or 8-10 count markers, scissors, 24 #2 pencils (no mechanical), 1 pkg cap erasers, clipboard, 4 black dry erase markers, dry eraser, earbuds, 2 pks tissues, 2 pks disinfectant wipers, 2 yellow highlighters, 1 pencil box, 1 box gallon bags (boys), 1 box sandwich bags (girls) –no snack size bags please. No supplies will be shared.

5th grade: 1 large zip closure binder, 4 pkgs mechanical pencils, 1pkg pencil cap erasers, 2 composition notebooks, 1 wide ruled spiral notebook, 1 pkg 3×5 ruled index cards, 1 clipboard, 2 highlighters, 1 pkg colored pencils, 1 pkg bold tip dry erase markers, 1 dry eraser,  2 pkgs red ink pens, 1 pencil pouch, 3 plain plastic folders with 3 hole punch (1 red, 1 blue, 1 green), 1 pair earbuds, 2 boxes tissues, 1 bottle hand sanitizer -12 oz or larger (girls), 1 pkg wide ruled loose leaf paper (girls), 1 large glue stick (boys), 1 container disinfectant wipes (boys), 1 box gallon zip closure plastic bags (boys), 1 box sandwich size zip closure plastic bags (girls).