by Ellie Schmidt

The EHS volleyball team went up against Warsaw at home on Thursday, Sept. 23. The team was successful and won 3-0. The head coach Mrs. Rogers said, ”We all came out strong and dominated each game.”

Out of the three matches played, Tevi Gurley, 12 and Macie Mays, 11 led the team in 14 kills, with Reese Schaaf, 12 following with 7 kills. Alexis Collins, 9 led the team in aces with 7. Macie Mays blocked 2 plays successfully while Reese Schaaf assisted her with 1. Alexis Collins and Tevi Gurley led the team in digs with 10, followed by Reese Schaaf with 9 and Macie Mays with 7. Reese Schaaf totaled 19 assists. Tevi Gurley trailed with 12 assists. Neely Schaaf, 9 received a total of 8 serves, with Tenlie Steward, 9 receiving 7 and Macie Mays receiving 6.

On Saturday the 25, the varsity bulldogs headed to the Strafford Tournament. They played six games total, three of them being back to back, with very minimal breaks all day. The girls continued to stay strong and motivated and ended up placing first in our pool and were seeded third in the bracket.  Neely Schaaf, 9 said,”We had good competition and I got to spend time with the girls. It was a challenging day but I had fun!”

The scores for each game in the tournament were: 2-1 against Strafford, 0-2 against Glendale, 2-0 against Clever, and 2-0 against Reeds Springs. They won each game except the one against Glendale. The tournament led into Sunday the 25 where they played Mt. Vernon and tied 1-1 and Osceola with a match score of 2-0.

Photos By Coach Rogers (Team photo), Leah Moore, 12, & Ellie Schmidt, 9