by Kassy Wynes-Van Dyk

On Saturday, Sept. 24, Van Dyk’s Karate hosted a Chili Feed Fundraiser with Live Musical Entertainment to raise funds to help students who will attend the NASKA National Karate Championships in Minneapolis, MN, this October.

Supporters from near and far came together to support these youngsters and filled up the Land-O-Lakes Youth Fair Banquet Hall. Everyone helped themselves to the various chili dishes offered up for dinner and enjoyed cool drinks and some homemade cookies for dessert.

The evening’s musical entertainment was started off with a wonderful opening and introduction by the evening’s master of ceremonies, Mr. Kenny Coale, opening the stage for husband and wife duo Riaan and Kassy Van Dyk. Alandah Wynes was next and delivered an upbeat performance of both oldies and a new chart topper.

Miss Wynes was followed by an energized team karate demo by the students. Local singing favorite, Mrs. Emily Shinn followed the Karate Demo with a great selection of songs delivered them with heart and soul.

Next Master of Ceremonies Kenny Coale sang a wonderful rendition of a popular Bobby Vinton song and an Elvis Presley Classic.

Last but absolutely not the least, the talented Miss Ginelle Esry entertained all in attendance with her unique voice and style of singing. She got the kids involved and danced with them while performing and even got Mr. Van Dyk to play George Jones to her Barbara Mandrell when singing “I was country when country wasn’t cool”.

To everyone who attended the event we want to thank you very much.

To everyone who donated time, resources and items to help make this event possible, thank you very much.

To the Team VDK parents who helped plan and host this event, you are a God send and you are our heros.

A special thank you goes out to Emily Shinn and Ginelle Esry who donated their time and talent to help with this event.

To Mr. Kenny Coale, Starlight Entertainment and Cindi Evens, without your help and giant donation, the musical entertainment portion of the fundraiser would not have been possible at all.

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